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Daniel Bednarik's Bio:

Daniel Bednarik is currently Vice President of the Molecular Engineering Unit (MEU) Operations, Intrexon Corporation, Gemantown, MD. PRIOR: - Co-Founder of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc. Acquired by Cardiome Pharma, October, 2005. Helped to secure investment from Oxford Bioscience Partners $5M (2002); $500K from Dept. of Business & Economic Development, State of Maryland (2002). - Co-Founder, Viracine Therapeutics Corp, 2010. Helped to secure: $100K from Dept. of Business & Economic Development, State of Maryland (2010). Awarded $75,000 from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) in 2010, private family & friends funds. - Secured $100K private investment from Brown Advisory Securities (Baltimore) for NX Pharmagen (2009). BIOSKETCH: Dr. Bednarik was previously Director of Genomics and Bioinformatics for Cardiome Pharma Corporation. He was previously co-founder and Vice President of Cardiovascular Biology of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc., which was acquired by Cardiome in 2005. Dr. Bednarik served as a consultant for Cardiome for two years and was subsequently hired in 2007 to develop genomic and proteomic biomarker programs to help augment and accelerate clinical trial design. He created the largest known cardiovascular gene expression database for Gene Logic. Dr. Bednarik served as a key scientist for the development of Human Genome Sciences' (HGS) database and has over 28 years experience in the field of virology with emphasis on HIV and herpes virus pathology. He was co-recipient of a DARPA contract in 2006 where he and his colleagues developed a novel non-host method for rapid vaccine manufacture. Dan also is experienced in developing and managing clinical programs. His training was completed at Temple University School of Medicine (Philadelphia) in 1985, and The Johns Hopkins University Oncology Center (Baltimore).

Daniel Bednarik's Experience:

  • Vice President, Molecular Engineering Unit (MEU) Operationss at Intrexon Corporation

    Oversees the company's Molecular Engineering Unit and program. Works closely with the CSO, President of the Human Therapeutics Division (HTD), Senior Director of Translational Research, Business Development, and Cell Engineering Unit (CEU). The MEU employs Intrexon's proprietary "Ultravector Technology" that grounds the company's commercial efforts for gene therapy, multigenic gene program expression, and synthetic biology for treatment of cancer, and other diseases. Addresses molecular technology needs to foster partnerships, new business development opportunities, and ensures MEU processes are optimized to maintain seamless operation for both company and external partners.

  • Director, Business Development at ExonHit Therapeutics

    Directed new business development efforts, partnering, and translation of corporate technology to practice in the business sector. Worked directly with Vice President, Business Development and Vice President of R&D to execute database partnering opportunities.

  • Advisor at BioIT Solutions

    BioIT is a Silver Spring Maryland-based software company specializing in Biotechnology applications, providing a novel line of Portal Products. The founders of BioIT originated from Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (HGS) where the CIO, Michael Fannon, served as the primary architect and designer of that company's cutting edge bioinformatic database and genomics tools. My role with BioIT is to help extend product development and bring this unique capability to clients in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry on a customized basis. My experience with bioinformatics and genomics provides BioIT with new potential user bases and development of new functionality.

  • Director, Advisory Board at Ablitech, Inc.

    The company's lead siRNA and antisense DNA delivery product, Versadel, is undergoing pre-clinical testing with the intention of partnering with major pharmas. My role for Ablitech is to establish and organize the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and assist in the critique of ongoing scientific projects.

  • Scientific Advisor - NX Pharmagen, Inc. at NX Pharmagen, Inc.

    NX PharmaGen's groundbreaking technologies are paving the way for patients to realize the promise of personalized medicine in cancer and other diseases. The company employs a novel approach to predictive molecular diagnostics by profiling a unique class of biological messengers called "exosomes" or "microvesicles". My role has been to support the scientific aspects of product development as well as the bioinformatic needs and objectives of the company. See - www.nxpharmagen.com

  • Consultant & Advisor at Indel Therapeutics Inc.

    Indel Therapeutics Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing new drugs to address the global health crisis caused by antibiotic resistance. The Company has a growing pipeline of novel antibiotic drug discovery programs that focus on curing difficult-to-treat and hospital-acquired infections. These programs are based on Indel's paradigm-changing antimicrobial drug discovery platform, a patented technology that has opened a rich, new area of drug targets for the treatment of bacterial and parasitic infections and, potentially, fungal and viral infections. My role for Indel Therapeutics has been to identify new opportunities, assist in the company's interface with the US Dept. of Defense, and provide insights and advice regarding bioinformatics, database development, and recruitment of funding. See - www.indelrx.com

  • Director, Genomics & Bioinformatics; Head, Infectious Diseases Program at Cardiome Pharma Corporation

    Cardiome is a research-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of new therapies that will improve the quality of life and health of patients. We strive to find innovative medicines that provide value to patients, physicians and healthcare systems. While working for Cardiome, I have focused efforts on development of new biomarker-driven efforts to simplify clinical trial stratification. I conceived and launched the Cardiome Antiviral Discovery program - This program couples the discovery and development of "first in class" antiviral small molecules to target a unique ion channel called the "Viroporins". Cardiome's strength in ion channel biology is expected to put a new face on the therapeutic targeting of these proteins. This program received funding through a grant awarded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) - $500,000 (CAD) per year for 3 years.

  • Consultant at Bradmer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Consulting for drug development.

  • Consultant at Cardiome Pharma Corp

    Post-acquisition responsibilities included transition of CRPM and BRPM programs into Cardiome Pharma Corp., acting as Program Manager and designing new animal studies for therapeutic compound validation.

  • VP & Cofounder - Cardiovascular Biology at Artesian Therapeutics, Inc.

    Served as co-founder of company spin out from Gene Logic, Inc. in 2002. Quickly defined relationships between dysregulation of gene expression and small molecule SAR. The program led to two therapeutic classes of molecules designed to restore ejection of blood to the failing heart while suppressing beta-agonist pathways. This led to a rapid exit via sale of the company to Cardiome Pharma Corp. in October, 2005.

  • Director, Cardiovascular Database Development at Gene Logic

    Dr. Bednarik created the largest known cardiovascular gene expression database for Gene Logic, which served as a prized source of cardiovascular disease data for multiple pharma companies, and grounded the basis for founding Artesian Therapeutics. This database integrated unique personal and clinical biosample attributes with changes in gene expression in disease-vs-normal cardiovascular tissues derived from man and animal model systems. Along with other disease programs at Gene Logic, it propelled a revolution in disease pathway and drug discovery.

  • Director, Scientific Affairs at Advanced Bioresearch Associates

    Pre-clinical study development and reporting for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Scientist at Human Genome Sciences

    Served as molecular biologist and bioinformatics scientist - Discovery, characterization, and patenting of novel genes for development of therapeutic proteins.

Daniel Bednarik's Education:

  • The Johns Hopkins University

    Oncology Fellow
  • Temple University School of Medicine

    Concentration: Biochemistry
  • Rider University

    Concentration: Biology
  • Somerville High School

    High School Diploma

Daniel Bednarik's Interests & Activities:

Biotechnology, Drug Development, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology, Molecular Biology, Rugby, Outdoors